Intro: This is a series of seven lessons . Each lesson will usually include time for group discussion and prayer. The main aim is to work through seven of Paul’s prayers in such a way as that we hear God speak to us today. The hope is that we grow in our knowledge of God and his will through our study. Jesus taught his disciples to pray (Luke 11:1-4) and that teaching very much applies to us today – giving us an outline we can use for our prayers. By studying the prayers of Paul, we can grow in our communication with God as we learn from the most influential Christian who ever lived. By seeking to learn all that we can from what Paul prayed for and how he prayed, it is hoped that we experience a transformation in our walk with God both individually and collectively. It is suggested that you read over each passage before the lesson and try to answer the questions for reflection. You may also find it helpful to use the passages we are studying as the basis for some of your own times of prayer, by yourself or with others, since we can learn so much by ‘praying with Paul’. It will help to take notes during the lessons and also to discuss what you are learning and reflecting on with others. To read the article, download the word document or pdf below. Available Downloads: Files (.doc - 50k)