Why should you join in the daily Tour through John series? Listen to the short explanation (3 minutes) to find out.

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The 2018 series is A Tour Through John.

  • Length: 50 days. Units average about 20 minutes, just right if you have to go to work early, or want to listen as you commute. (Each lesson can be downloaded.)
  • Content
    • The scripture (every verse)
    • Commentary
    • Structure of John (the 7 confessions, 7 signs, 7 "I Am" Sayings, the Book of Signs, etc).
    • Prayer (based on the day's reading)
    • Memory verses (from John 1-11, and again from 12-21) -- so we can have them ready on our lips!
  • Ideas for group Bible discussions
  • Optional quiz at end of our study of John 21 -- see how well you know the Word!
  • Insight into difficult topics, like the Trinity, predestination, OT prophecy, and more.
  • This is a great book, as John continually calls us to think and act on the spiritual channel, not the worldly channel. (Even his own disciples often drift into worldly thinking.)
  • Why commit to this?
    • It keeps us focused!
    • It keeps us out of sin!
    • Lets us renew our minds – to gain the mind of Christ (Rom 12:1-2; 1 Cor 2:15).
    • It makes us more evangelistic (Jer 20:7)
    • Because God commands us to meditate on his word daily (Ps 1; Josh 1).
  • Start the year off in a great way, walking with the Lord and letting his word dwell in you (Col 3:16).

Units in the Tour Through John

Note: the first 10 podcasts are public -- you don't need to be a website member to listen. Then, from lesson 11, you will need to log in as a member. (The price is only 70¢/week, or $3/month, paid annually.)

Responses to A Tour Through John:

  • "Thank you for your initiative and hard work to take us through the book of John to start the New Year. I’m very excited about this series, and sure that our year will be better for it. Thanks too for having an impact across the world! We’re praying for you." — Melbourne, Australia
  • "I was sharing with another brother in the Lord how this series is fortifying my faith in Jesus. Your thoughts are very helpful, not just in explaining the text of John, but in providing reasons for deep, personal faith. Well done." — Denver, Colorado
  • "I am up to date on our tour through the book of John. Thoroughly enjoyable! Thank you for your diligent scholarship. Now I'm reviewing John in two different study groups. Your thoughts and notes are, of course, very helpful." — Birmingham, Alabama
  • "The lessons are helping me to have a more systematic approach to reading my Bible. I have been a bit unstructured (all over the place) recently, and the John series is really helping me to get back on track." — San Diego, California
  • "We have been looking forward this series, as we thought John would be great to deepen our faith and connection to God. I am praying that God will bless the series and help many to know Him better." — Prague, Czech Republic
  • "I have learned so much from the John study and I'm continuing to review the lessons and work on the memory verses... Another sister and I both did the series and it gave us so much to talk about. Thank you for your clear, encouraging teaching, for your openness about your life, and for being firm —  but also for saying when you aren't sure about the meaning of a passage." — Springfield, Illinois
  • "I’m thoroughly enjoying our journey through John! I also really like your note-and-outline layout with the scriptures in blue. Thank you for taking the time to put this together and deliver the podcasts." — Honolulu, Hawaii
  • "I wanted to give you a sincere thank you for your fantastic podcast series on the book of John... I try to begin my days reading your notes and listening to the podcast lessons, typically around 4:30 am. It helps my heart— getting the insight that you provide into the written word.... Keep up the great work! You are touching lives."  — Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • "I have been so encouraged by your insight into the scriptures. Thank you for your commitment to educating and sharing the gifts God has given you to serve his people." — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • "I really enjoyed A Tour through John, including all the memory verses and the quiz. Keep up the good work!" — Port of Spain, Trinidad
  • "I appreciate not just your insights, but also how this helped to fortify my faith in Jesus." — Denver, Colorado