This is just a short note to thank you personally for your generosity towards the Asha Vidhyashram School of HOPEworldwide Nepal. We really appreciate your kindness. The donations you have made have contributed greatly to the education of the children, young people, women, and families served by our programs.

HOPE worldwide Nepal is going from strength to strength thanks to your support. This past year we were able to add a women’s economic empowerment program, training women in job skills, so they can start their own home-based businesses. This week, we are starting a breakfast feeding program for our students, so they can begin their school day with full stomachs. That is in addition to our midday meal initiative, which has been running for many years now. In addition, a couple of months ago, we formed a partnership with The We United Project, a soccer (futsal) and leadership development program for young girls. Every week, 20 of our girl students get trained by professional coaches. They are loving it, and it is boosting their confidence a great deal

We are now looking at opening a vocational training program in the city of Chitwan in Western Nepal. The cost for that will be about $5,000 per year. With that amount we can train 100 young people in computer skills, spoken English, and life skills. In addition we are planning on providing an accounting course. We train young people in batches. When those young trainees (ages 16 to 25) complete their three-months course, their income doubles. This is a low-budget, high-impact program.

The HOPEww Nepal team
17 August 2023