On Wednesday 18th February 2004, I met Middle East leaders from a dozen nations in a conference headed up by Andy Fleming. Though Arabic was language of choice, I spoke in my best English, supplemented with occasional translation. My assignment: to teach an Old Testament Survey course which they would in turn be able to teach their respective congregations. Apart from a few visits to Israel, I was not connected with the Middle East leaders, and so on the emotional front this was an especially meaningful visit. I cannot wait to return!

From my assignment (the 13 Old Testament teaching sessions) came an idea: to produce a booklet and CD set, in order to bring the survey course to the public. This fresh Old Testament material should be finished by April 1st, and should be available at this website by May 1st. [It was in fact released in the summer of 2004]

Please keep the Middle Eastern churches in your prayers. These courageous and faithful brothers and sisters -- serving in all the nations of the Arab world which we are reminded of on CNN every day -- need our support. They are carrying on a great work. Let us hold up their arms in any way we are able.