Douglas Jacoby just returned from a teaching tour in Tokyo, Japan. Here are some responses from Christians there who attended:

* "Thank you for your great lessons and insights. I am very impressed and learned a lot–and also very encouraged to read the Bible. This is such a fundamental thing, but honestly, I did not have a strong motivation to read it. But now I really want to get back my faith!"
* "Thanks for coming to Tokyo and teaching us many important things from the Scriptures... I'd become unaware I was growing lukewarm. Now I have decided to read the Bible eagerly again. Your lecture provided new motivation..."
* "Thanks so much for coming to Tokyo...all of your teaching and your heart had--and will continue to have–a great impact!"
* "I just want to say thank you for coming and helping our church with God words. We needed to hear your messages very much to have deeper foundation of faith to God. I have lots of questions about the Bible, ministry and so on. I understand now that I need to take personal responsibility to study out and search out the word of God more–not just look for quick answers."

Download the pdf attachment and benefit from the messages that Douglas gave while in Tokyo: Article (.pdf - 85k)