The Newsletter of IBTM
with Douglas Jacoby

Good morning from Texas! I’m in San Antonio, attending a few conferences: the Society of Biblical Literature, Evangelical Theological Society, Evangelical Philosophical Society, and Institute for Biblical Research. These events usually take place together, and in the same city. I’m renewing friendships, networking, and learning a lot. Christian leaders need continuing education, and that includes me.

Today’s offerings are three:

  • Jesus in Genesis series — communion talks
  • Once Saved, Always Saved? — film interview
  • How the World Would be Worse without Christianity — article

Next week: Hamas-Israel War—Resisting an Impulse.
I hope you are well, and also that you benefit somehow from this week’s newsletter.

A Worse World without Christianity?

Christians are instructed to “check their privilege” and “do the work” to repudiate Christianity’s “toxic legacy.” But what would the world really be like without Christianity?

Click HERE for the thought-provoking article by Sharon James.

Once Saved, Always Saved?

A few days ago I drove from Atlanta up to Blue Ridge, Georgia, for a film interview. It’s for a program on eternal security (“once saved, always saved”).

Chris White, who has produced a number of interesting programs, is interviewing Ben Witherington, John Oswalt, Michael Brown, Matthew Pinson, David Bercot, Zac Poonen, Joe Schimmel, Jesse Morrel, Sharon Johnson, Mike Mazzalongo, and Scot McKnight. Many of these are very well known scholars or ministers. I was honored to be the last one Chris interviewed. (Not because I’m the last person he’d ever want to interview—but because the others didn’t need to cross an ocean.)

Once the program has been edited and finalized, I’ll be sure to provide a link in an upcoming newsletter.

Jesus in Genesis

Jesus’ footprints are all over the book of Genesis! He’s prophesied, foreshadowed, and pictures in numerous passages. My short list is 11, although the Sunday evening series will tackle ten.

This series talks are The Word of God (chapter 1), The Protoevangelion (3), The Ark (6), Abraham (12), Melchizedek (14), The Sacrifice of Isaac (22), Stairway to Heaven (28), Joseph (37), Lion of Judah (49), and Good from Evil (50).

To learn more about our weekly communion event, or to join at any time, please click HERE.

Until next week

After the conferences, I’m back in Atlanta for a few days. Apart from a weekend in London next month and another in Reykjavik in January, no major travel is slated for quite a while. (With the possible exception of Israel, if the situation is safe enough to take the Biblical Study Tour groups there in February.) Thanks for your many encouragements to pace myself. And for those prayers!