with Douglas Jacoby

Good morning from Atlanta!

I’m back from a week in Texas, attending various academic conferences. The annual meetings are always a much-anticipated time of learning and personal reconnection. Next year’s meetings are in San Diego.

There are over 1000 talks in all. One has to be selective! Some of the topics I heard discussed were Biblical Inerrancy, Nietzsche, Church History, NT Greek, the Ethics of Gender Reassignment Surgery, Archaeology, Ancient Humans, Cornelius & the Italian Cohort, 603550 Fighting Men?, Gendered Violence & Female Silence, Book IV of the Psalms, Critical Race Theory, Israel the Chosen People?, and Where [Bertrand] Russell was Right and [C. S.] Lewis was Wrong on War. Since that last topic ties in to the thrust of today’s newsletter, some may be interested in the notes for this last class, available HERE.

It’s been nearly seven weeks since the massive rocket attack on Israel. It’s also increasingly clear that many would-be commentators and social media posters lack grace and balance in their analyses of the situation. With this in mind, I have selected two pieces for your consideration. Both are from men I respect and whom I believe you will appreciate.


Israel-Hamas War: Resisting an Impulse

By Evertt Huffard

When our preacher began his sermon Sunday morning, he wanted to say something about the Israel-Hamas war but was not sure what to say. With some hesitation he acknowledged the tragic loss of lives on both sides and the need to pray for peace. KEEP READING

What Does Jesus Think about War?

By Malcolm Cox

War is nothing new. Archaeologists have discovered evidence of armed conflict from 10,000 years ago. In the Nataruk region of Kenya remains of several people were unearthed who show signs of violent injuries such as skull trauma and arrow lesions. It looks as if they were caught in a violent raid or intergroup warfare.

Sadly, there is no evidence of war disappearing any time soon. The numbers of countries experiencing violent conflict is on the rise. Is there anything we can do? Should we participate in war, or take a pacifist stance?  KEEP READING

Until the Autopsy…

Next week’s main feature: Autopsy of a Dying Church. The title isn’t mine. It’s a thought-provoking book by Thomas Rainer. Until then, have a great week. And for those in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving.