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Good morning from Scotland! This will be the last newsletter sent from our residence of the past three years—Livingston, a town between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Next week we will make our home in northern England. (Vicki is from England; I had the pleasure of living there for 9 years—1982-89 and 1994-1996.)

For your consideration today:

  • Three new Q&As
  • An invitation to Antioch 2024
  • A video excerpt from AIM

Next week: Greg Koukl on Relativism, great book on masculinity, and a “conversation” on church & (lopsided) sexual attitudes.

Hope you enjoy the newsletter!

New Q&As

Thousands of Bible questions, and queries on related matters, come into our inboxes every year. Although we’d like to answer all of them—actually, the majority are already addressed at the website (please search)—realistically we can field only a few. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Q&A 1643—Were some ancient civilizations more advanced than ours? CLICK HERE
  • Q&A 1644—What exactly is the “Balm of Gilead”? CLICK HERE
  • Q&A 1645—Does Jesus equivocate on his Messiahship? CLICK HERE

Tuition help for a Nigerian brother?

This ministry is seeking donations for PhD tuition and expenses for Nigerian teacher Fred George, for tuition and expenses at Stellenbosch University in South Africa (2023-2025). His local church have granted him a leave of absence, but (sadly) not funding for the degree. Total need: $26,607. Received so far: $6000. (Thanks to several of you who have given so generously.)

Fred is a highly talented teacher in the Lagos Christian Church (where I’ve spoken many times), and previously one of my masters students at Lincoln Christian University. This is a worthy cause!

If you want to help, please contact me at drdajacoby@post.harvard.edu. Donations will be tax deductible (US only). Thank you.

Antioch 2024!

Turkey is widely acknowledged as the second land of the Bible, ranking just behind Israel. In fact, 60% of the apostle Paul’s ministry took place in this ancient land.

ANTIOCH (Antakya) is located along the Orontes River in modern-day Turkey. The city became a center for early Christianity, playing an important role in the ministry of the apostle Paul in the New Testament. It was at Antioch that followers of Jesus were first called Christians (Acts 11:26).

Syrian Antioch (actually in modern Turkey, not Syria) was the launching point for the First Missionary Journey (Acts 13). The city was largely destroyed in an earthquake and massive aftershocks earlier this year—but the ancient ruins remain. (Our hotel, recently constructed and up to code, was undamaged.)

Would you like to learn more? To follow in the steps of Paul and Barnabas on the First Missionary Journey? Here is the informational link. Please read carefully. If you’re interested, there are also five pre- and post-tours! For the main seminar, as well as for the pre- and post-tours, please contact me (not Tutku) at dj@douglasjacoby.com. I am the point man for everyone learning of the Antioch Seminar through this newsletter.

AIM UK-Ireland

What is AIM? The acronym stands for the Athens Institute of Ministry. Is this Bible teaching program for staff members or leaders only? No! Globally the majority of our students do not work for churches. Is this mainly for men? Not at all. About 50% of graduates are women. Is the program highly academic? No—although that doesn’t mean you don’t have to invest in AIM. Yet the effort is worth it, as 100s of graduates attest. See the glowing review from a recent Australian graduate.

Intrigued? Want to learn more, or to sample the program? Although the following excerpt is brief, you may enjoy watching part of a recent class. Click for a one-minute peek!

Until next week…

We appreciate your feedback, value our connection, and covet your prayers.

Yours in Christ,