The following endorsement is from one of our 2023 graduates. (This student joined AIM from Australia.)

I just wanted to say a massive "thank you" for the AIM course that I was able to take over the past couple of years. I graduated and received my certificate a few months ago, but have been wanting to show my appreciation to all of you! You
have all set the example as men of God who love the Word and study it vigorously with the purpose of knowing God and being more and more effective in helping others to know Him. One of the factors that I appreciated most about AIM was the practical evangelistic focus on the studies. Over the past year, I have been able to engage far more meaningfully with people from all backgrounds, particularly atheists and members of other world religions (e.g. a student intending to join a Buddhist monastery after completing his degree!). Apart from that, the course has also helped me in my personal spiritual maturity and leadership skills. I am currently serving on paid staff full time, leading a campus ministry in Melbourne, Australia, and am regularly applying lessons I learned from AIM to become a more balanced leader, like Christ, and far more mature in my perspectives on spiritual growth—focusing on the heart!

I'd also like to share that I have recently begun graduate studies at Ridley College in Melbourne. The AIM course inspired me to continue my education and become more thoroughly equipped to handle the Word of truth.

I have offered many prayers of gratitude for the opportunity to study through AIM, and I hope that this message expresses at least some of the gratitude in my heart. The following verses come to mind when I think of the skills I learned through AIM: "If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success" (Ecclesiastes 10:10), and "And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them" (Psalm 78:72). — Geordan Bennie