A BioLogos podcast on science and faith

The new BioLogos podcast is live! We’re very excited about this latest way to extend the BioLogos mission. Long-form audio broadcasts have become enormously popular and an important way to push beyond the sound-bytes that are so polarizing in our culture.

In our episodes you’ll find thoughtful conversations with interesting people who take seriously both Christian faith and the findings of contemporary science: scientists like Jennifer Wiseman and Praveen Sethupathy; theologians like Rich Mouw and Pete Enns; author Philip Yancey; and of course our founder Francis Collins — from whose book we’ve taken the name of the podcast: Language of God.

We have many more episodes in the works for the future, and we believe this will be an effective way for showing the harmony between science and biblical faith. But we need your help in spreading the word. Here’s how:

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See you there,

Jim Stump, Host of Language of God

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Featured Episodes


Finding a New Story
Guest: Francis Collins



What Good is Disappointment?
Guest: Philip Yancey

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Listener Reviews


"I love the commitment to maintaining a respectful dialogue, avoiding easy answers, and being rooted in the transformative power of the gospel. The episodes with Francis Collins have been so illuminating and informative - feels like you’re sitting in his living room with him. Can’t wait to see how God uses BioLogos for generations to come."

"Thought-provoking and accessible. I'm so happy I've found this podcast! I've read BioLogos articles for years but this is a whole different thing. Everybody interviewed so far is thoughtful and humble. This is something I can recommend to people in my admittedly conservative denomination."

PCA Girl

"Amazing. I’ve been looking for a podcast that values faith and science, and to my knowledge, this is one of the first that does both really well. Looking forward to hearing more."


"I am enjoying the mix of thoughtful research and hopeful dialogue. Rare is the podcast that leaves me feeling intellectually stimulated and heart-warmed all in one."


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