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Suman is a determined and ambitious 10-year-old student who is currently in Grade 4. He has a love for sports, especially basketball, and shares a close bond with his mother, Tej. Suman and his mother have faced immense challenges, including physical abuse from Suman's alcoholic father, which compelled his mother to divorce him three months ago.

To make ends meet, Suman's mother sells vegetables on the street, earning only about $3 per day. This has made it difficult for them to even afford a single meal on some days. Despite these hardships, Suman's mother is determined to provide a better future for her family.

HOPE worldwide Nepal is providing quality free education to Suman and training his mother in tailoring through our women's empowerment program. Suman's mother is taking full advantage of the training opportunity. With her hard work and determination, she is well on her way to becoming a skilled tailor.

Suman's mother has recently acquired a second-hand sewing machine and has already begun making and selling kurtas (tunics) and other items. She has aspirations to establish her own tailoring business in the near future. We are confident that she will soon be able to put her newfound skills to use and start her own successful tailoring business. Our best wishes go out to her as she continues to strive towards a better future for herself and her son, Suman.

worldwide Volunteer Corps December 2023
48 volunteers from various countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, India, Australia, and Singapore recently participated in a HOPEww Volunteer Corps at our school and at the Chhaimale village project 17 Dec-4 Jan 2022.

They worked tirelessly to beautify the school, decorate the walls, and repaint the benches. They also took on the task of cleaning and renovating the student’s homes to create a beautiful study space. The volunteers also made remarkable improvements to our Vocational Training Center, Kathmandu, including repairing the computer labs and creating a music and creative space for the students to learn musical instruments. They also taught the students in the classrooms and the computer lab, and played outdoor sports.

In Chhaimale village, the volunteers renovated the center. They also collaborated with Wine to Water Nepal to distribute water filters, as access to clean drinking water is a pressing issue in the area and many families suffer from water-borne diseases.

We are deeply grateful for the generosity and selflessness of these volunteers, who spent their Christmas and New Year in Nepal to serve others. Their unwavering dedication and commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged children and families is highly commendable and has left a lasting impact on our school and community.

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New Uniforms and Winter Clothes

Thanks to the generosity of Dr Douglas Jacoby and his wife Vicki, we were able to provide warm clothing for the cold season and replace worn out uniforms. We were also able to buy new laptops for the school.

It is truly heartwarming to see the positive impact these donations have had on the children and their education. We also want to thank the Marines from the Embassy of the United States for providing gifts to the children and bringing joy and happiness during Christmas. We are incredibly grateful to our donors for their kindness and generosity, and it is because of your support that these wonderful things were made possible.