My initial post (my George Floyd page) includes a list of helpful resources. (Not all persons agree with each other, or necessarily even with me—the various books, articles, videos, podcasts, and interviews are simply included to make us think.)

Following are more than 50 further resources. Thanks to John Hanes for putting together this list. Below are both conservatives and liberals and in-betweens who think differently.

Just Thinking podcast: Two African American (Calvinist) ministers who preach from the perspective that the gospel is enough. Of note:

Ep #102 Black Lives Matter? And the related episodes referenced in the show notes
Ep #13 Cultural Marxism & Public Education
Ep #039 Christian Socialism
Ep #045 Social Justice & the Gospel
Ep #062 A Biblical Theology of Socialism
Ep #082 A Socialist Savior
Ep #093 A Biblical Theology of the Role of Government
Ep #63 Slavery Reparations
Ep #67 Whiteness
Ep #78 Black Lives Matter and Abortion
Ep #81 Black Nationalism, White Fatherlessness
Ep #90 Woke Worship (part 1)
Ep #91 Woke Worship (part 2)
Ep #92 Racial Reconciliation (warns against buying into a philosophy of racial reconciliation)

Monique Duson: Interview with Allie Beth Stuckey. Here she explains how she spent two decades advocating for critical race theory and how her thought process worked in that mind frame. When she began to acknowledge the contradictions between critical race theory and Scripture, she embraced biblical unity from a Christian worldview. Monique breaks down the movements we're seeing in social justice, and she explains how they differ from the Gospel.

Larry Elder interview on the Rubin Report (how an interview actually changed the host’s mind). (He made the film     Part 1    Part 2

Coleman Hughes
        Rubin Report interview
        Case for Color Blindness
        Black Lives Matter

Ben Shapiro
        Viral Racism video
        White Fragility

Social Justice & the Gospel—competing views
        John Macarthur
        Robert Carrillo
        Tim Keller

Shelby Steele

Uncommon Knowledge interview
Fox interviews

Claims of system racism: Expanding the territory of entitlement

Real Clear Politics video 

Walter Williams: Ben Shapiro interview

Jason Riley

Trevor Loudon (made the film Enemies within the Church)

Recent online film re: Cancel Culture:

Neil Shenvi
        Conversations that matter
        Review of the book White Awake

Thomas Sowell Books:
Discrimination & DisparitiesDiscrimination and Disparities gathers a wide array of empirical evidence to challenge the idea that different economic outcomes can be explained by any one factor, be it discrimination, exploitation, or genetics. This revised and enlarged edition also analyzes the human consequences of the prevailing social vision of these disparities and the policies based on that vision--from educational disasters to widespread crime and violence.

The Quest for Cosmic Justice. Shows how confused conceptions of justice end up promoting injustice, how confused conceptions of equality end up promoting inequality, and how the tyranny of social visions prevents many people from confronting the actual consequences of their own beliefs and policies.

Wealth, Poverty and Politics. One of the foremost conservative public intellectuals in the US argues that political and ideological struggles have led to dangerous confusion about income inequality in America. Pundits and politically motivated economists trumpet ambiguous statistics and sensational theories while ignoring the true determinant of income inequality: the production of wealth. We cannot properly understand inequality if we focus exclusively on the distribution of wealth and ignore wealth production factors such as geography, demography, and culture.

Black Rednecks and White Liberals. This explosive new audiobook challenges many of the long-held assumptions about blacks, about Jews, about Germans and Nazis, about slavery, and about education. Plainly written, powerfully reasoned, and backed with a startling array of documented facts, Black Rednecks and White Liberals takes on the trendy intellectuals of our times as well as historic interpreters of American life.

Further, through a series of essays, Sowell presents an in-depth look at key beliefs behind many policies and trends. He presents eye-opening insights into the development of the ghetto culture, a culture cheered on toward self-destruction by white liberals who consider themselves "friends" of blacks.

Intellectuals and Race. Intellectuals and Race is not, however, a book about history, even though it has much historical evidence, as well as demographic, geographic, economic and statistical evidence -- all of it directed toward testing the underlying assumptions about race that have prevailed at times among intellectuals in general, and especially intellectuals at the highest levels. Nor is this simply a theoretical exercise. The impact of intellectuals' ideas and crusades on the larger society, both past and present, is the ultimate concern. These ideas and crusades have ranged widely from racial theories of intelligence to eugenics to "social justice" and multiculturalism.

In addition to in-depth examinations of these and other issues, Intellectuals and Race explores the incentives, the visions and the rationales that drive intellectuals at the highest levels to conclusions that have often turned out to be counterproductive and even disastrous, not only for particular racial or ethnic groups, but for societies as a whole.

Thomas Sowell Interviews
        Uncommon Knowledge
Rubin Report:    Part 1     Part 2
Black Wisdom Matters (1988 – still seems relevant)
Larry Elder
George Yancey
        Neil Shenvi on Yancey's Beyond Racial Gridlock 
        George Yancey bio
Why Christians Should Not Support BLM
“Is Critical Theory Biblical?,” from the Colson Center
Neil Shenvi
This Cultural Moment: The Bible, Race, and Critical Theory with Carol Swain, Alisa Childers, and Bobby Harrington, hosted by Harpeth Christian Church and
“Critical Race Theory Is Rooted in Cultural Marxism,” by Carol Swain

Monique Duson
Race, Injustice, & the Gospel of Critical Race Theory, by Alisa Childers & Monique Duson