17 May 2023
IBTM Newsletter

Hello, and good morning from sunny Scotland! Thank you for reading our newsletter. We know your time is valuable, and we appreciate your interest.


Free Tour of Israel

Our two (back-to-back) Israel Biblical Study Tours slated for February 2024 are nearly full. In fact, 99 of 100 places have gone. The remaining place is free. (Most years there are a number of cancelations, and there’s a very short waiting list in case you’re interested.)

Would you like to win a free tour (value $2350)? New website subscribers have an chance to be entered into a draw. Chances of winning are currently approximately 1 in 15.

Website membership is just $0.10/day, and affords unlimited access to all 10,000 pages of the website, 1000 audio lessons, detailed notes on every chapter of the New Testament, 20 devotional (quiet time) series, and more. Your subscription helps to fund the International Bible Teaching Ministry. A portion also goes to a HOPE school in Kathmandu, providing school uniforms and winter coats. (It gets cold in Nepal!)

To enter the draw, become a new website member, or get a friend to sign up. Then email the auto-confirmation of the subscription to dj@douglasjacoby.com. There’s no limit to the number of entries. (Sign up 5 friends, be entered 5 times.)


Our bioethics series continues with a paper on abortion, by Dr. Calum MacKellar. In recent weeks we have focused on euthanasia, gender dysphoria, and assisted suicide. Thank you for your interest and many comments.

“The principles upon which decisions for an abortion are based are complex and controversial. Most relate to the tension between the perceived rights of the mother and the prenatal child. The mother may feel that her own rights will be undermined by giving birth to, and then looking after, a child she does not want. Equally, the prenatal child may have rights but is unable to express them. Rights are generally based on the notion of inherent human dignity.”


Also relevant:

Next week: Surrogacy, Embryonic Death, & Advance Directives

The Best of David Bercot

David Bercot is an attorney, author, and theologian. His special area of expertise is early church history. We have known each other since 1995. As promised last week, below are a few of his best-selling works.

Incidentally (not accidentally), a few years ago someone broke into our car. (It was Thanksgiving evening.) Among the stolen items was my collection of 100 Bercot lessons on CD. Interestingly, the thieves left the entire Bible on CD. I hope they got as much out of the CDs as I did!


Good bye for now. Tomorrow I’ll be in Ireland, and next week we’re both teaching in Madrid. Thanks so much for your prayers and support. — DAJ