Friends, family and colleagues,

Most of us have been a witness to troubled marriages, perhaps our own. So what are some of the secrets to selecting and enjoying exciting, mutually fulfilling and lasting love relationships?  We God is a big part of that answer, of course. But what are some of practical lessons of how to keep your marriage alive.

That is a question, Joel (Best-Selling Author of the book, "Rewired: Power Up Your Performance, Relationships & Purpose”) and Julie Landi put before Tricia and myself and 20 other selected speakers from all walks of life, all ages, and all across the globe. (The two of us have recently been conducting, It’s Better Than You Think marriage workshops using lessons from our organizational health and conflict studies)

You are invited to a FREE online event called Adventure, Mission & Romance: How to Fall in Love & Stay in Love.  The video interviews and further “gift” content is rich, entertaining and offers practical and insightful ways to change your relationship for the good.

It is a collection of years of research with PhD’s, Therapists, Coaches, Authors, Award-winning Travel Bloggers & Agents, Motivational Speakers, Adventurers, Spiritual Thought Leaders, Entertainment Professionals and even, Grammy Award Winners sharing inspirational stories as well as practical solutions and best of all the hope in their living examples that the relationship of your dreams is possible!

Expect to hear inspiring stories and practical solutions for finding true & lasting love...

 - even after the age of 60 

 - following multiple failures

-  after betrayal

-  to find and select Mr/Mrs Right

- w/ skills for conflict resolution so you come out closer after each conflict

-  to keep your relationship alive & growing so you can’t wait to see your partner walk through that door, even if you’ve been married 20 + years

- in the presence of professional & family pressures

- w/ the best advice from current research & the wisdom of the ages on sex

Wisdom and tools for finding and achieving a love relationship that your dreams are made of is what we believe this collective group offers and our hope for all that participate in this FREE online event. The series, Adventure, Mission & Romance, will reveal secrets and tools from people of various faith backgrounds who possess strong, healthy and meaningful marriages.

This event will open your mind to a new adventures, your mission, 'should you choose to accept it’, and romance that has yet to be discovered. I know you will be not just entertained, but truly inspired and instructed by wisdom from experts that will transform your relationships and your life.

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Warmest Wishes for this Holiday Season,

Steve Staten

PS - This FREE interview series was put together with the holiday season in mind, knowing that can be a particularly difficult time in relationships. Each interview will only be available for a limited time so click on the link TODAY to access the solutions and give yourself and others the best gift this holiday season for finding and staying in love.

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