Two persons (perhaps more) were not so fond of the Online Bible Test, commenting that it isn't as important to know chapter and verse, or the arrangement of biblical books, as to know content. Internalizing the principles of Scripture, in other words, is what's vital, not knowing where various passages are or other ancillary things about the Bible.

This is a fair point. However, nearly all of us are literate and possess Bibles. When we're spending regular time in the Word, we become familiar with the territory.

Granted, the original disciples of Christ did not possess Bibles, nor was their literacy necessarily as high as the norm in modern times. In a more auditory culture, however, they may have had much more of the Word committed to ministry. That is less likely to happen in our time, but since we have access to the written Word and can study it every day, there is no reason we shouldn't become more and more familiar with the Bible. The test was designed for 21st-century Christians.

If we truly believe that all scripture is inspired and useful (2 Tim 3:16-17), the Old Testament and also the New Testament, let's dedicate ourselves to writing God's Word on our heart—learning the Scriptures and internalizing their life-changing message.

I also received this comment, from a seasoned marketer, responding to the comment that in the first couple of weeks only 7% of newsletter recipients had taken the test:

7% is an incredibly high conversion rate, especially for something that takes a bit of time to complete! When I'm running a marketing campaign and I only want someone to download a PDF, an average rate of responses is 2%. When doing something like a test or survey, I expect 0.2%. Your response rate is actually impressively high. You could have a 2nd career in marketing!

Which made me smile...