What does revival look like in the 21st century? 

Are You Creating Disciples or Consumers?

An Interview with Kelvin Teamer

Church leaders often want to preach what feels good, and church people often want to hear what feels good. The result is a feel-good, consumer "Christianity." 

Yet, we were never called to create consumers of church, but rather to make disciples of Jesus. What are some indicators that your church has become consumeristic? How does a church go from coddling its members to unleashing disciples? And what does revival look like in our time? 

According to Kelvin Teamer, true increase starts with prayer and fasting. 

This is more than theory for Renew.org partner Dr. Kelvin Teamer,  minister of the Bouldercrest Church of Christ in Atlanta, GA. In a recent conversation I got to have with Kelvin, he explained crucial shifts that his church is taking to experience true increase. He described the God-sized vision he and the church's leaders have been given for Atlanta and beyond. 

Check out the interview. You will be encouraged and will come away with doable steps to position your heart and church for revival. 

Daniel McCoy, PhD