We have a great opportunity this Saturday (Sept 22) to attend three classes on Counseling & Psychology. These sessions will equip us to minister to those around us – or maybe to better understand our own mental health as well. Here is a short excerpt from the AIM website explaining more:

Learn the ABCs of pastoral counseling—when to advise and when to refer, working with professionals when necessary. This short course aims to equip us to equip the body of Christ to be “competent to counsel.” When is a condition a medical matter, and when is the issue “unrepented sin”? Should we ever advise church members to come off their medication? What should we do when the thin line between responsibility and victimization seems tenuous at best? Learn from Drs. Mike and Mary Shapiro, clinical psychologists with extensive experience in counseling and forensic psychology, and psychiatrist Grisel Jimenez-Fas.

Class titles:

1. A Picture of a Healthy Human Being

2. Psychological Disorders

3. Staying Mentally Healthy (extra relevant for Christian leaders)

For those not enrolled in this AIM / Atlanta School of MIssions course…it is a small $5 fee to audit.

Coffee is served at 9; the classes will go from 9:30 to 1:15, with a short wrap-up after that.

North River Church of Christ, 320 Austin Ave, Marietta, GA 30064, Family Learning Center, Room 100