To the Discipleship-First Community,

There is a good deal of literature today on the subject of corporate culture.
  • Culture shapes behavior
  • Culture defines priorities
  • Culture determines outcomes

Every organization has a culture and that is certainly true with churches. But how can you create a disciple making culture in your church?

Join our webinar on Monday, October 8th at 1pm CT with Craig Etheredge, Founder of DiscipleFIRST ministries and pastor of First Colleyville Church in Dallas, Texas.SIGN UP NOW

We will discuss the three essential ingredients for creating a disciple making culture. Craig has pastored in the inner city and in the suburbs, and yet he has discovered how to transform any church culture into a disciple making culture.

No matter the state of your church, you can change the culture to one that is making disciples and ignites a movement. Craig will also speak to the one ancient method for producing this culture in your church. This kind of culture can’t be microwaved, it has to be built one life at a time. It doesn’t come from a program or ministry resource, it comes from one life investing in another life.

During this webinar, Craig and I will also discuss some practical ways to begin a “movement of investment” among the people you shepherd.

We will discuss the details about how to start groups, how to choose the right tools, how to find time to lead groups in your already packed schedule and the benefits of personal investment.

For King Jesus,
Executive Director,

P.S. Craig will be at our National Disciple Making Forum - sign up today to hear more about developing a Disciple Making Culture in your church Click Here to register