Why the Trinity Is Biblical

Stand to Reason

October 2023 Video Highlights:The Bible Is Clear about the Trinity

The Trinity: A Solution, Not a Problem

Is the Holy Spirit God?

In this 12–minute excerpt from Stand to Reason University, Robby Lashua shares what we can know about the Holy Spirit from Scripture and why Christians include the Holy Spirit in the Trinity.

How to Explain the Trinity to a Muslim

How Can God Be Three and One at the Same Time?

In this 9–minute video, Greg and Amy share how to explain the Trinity to a Muslim in a way that helps him understand how God can be three persons, but only one being.

How to Make a Case for the Trinity

How Do You Make a Biblical Case for the Trinity?

In this 2–minute video, former Stand to Reason apologist Brett Kunkle shares a helpful 3–step process in making a biblical case for the Trinity.