Please read Luke 2:42-52.

Jesus had the holiday spirit. This was a busy time. Yet his family literally forgot the Lord --  they were not on the same spiritual wavelength.

The Paradox

Jesus saw this as an opportunity to grow. After all holidays are supposed to be more holy, not less. A time for more prayer, not less. (Or are we really so busy that we "need" the extra time for overindulgence?) This is the Holiday Paradox. We don't want to "forget the Lord"! How can we safeguard the holiday times spiritually?

Perspectives on Overcoming

A. Don't buy into consumerism. Many spending way too much money on the kids. Far too much television is watched. The result: we get to have "Xmas all over again": in January debt! Our family does not start off the new year in debt, and neither should you.

B. Quality spiritual time together as families. Let's make sure our time together is Christ-centered (conversation, singing, kindness...), and not worldly.

C. Cultivate gratitude. Make sure this is not missing. Don't spoil children with gifts -- that is not "giving."

D. This is a time of deeper feelings than at other times of year. People open up. Don't just remain absorbed in your own little world. Reach out! You can affect others!

E. Avoid impatience (rush, rush!)...

F. This can be a very sad time for many, esp. those hurting from the loss of friends or family members. Be sensitive!

G. This should be a time to grow (Luke 2:52), if we are wise. (Spiritually, not physically!)