[Paraphrased] Hi, Doug! My name is Sergiy Shabashkevich, I was baptized 18 years ago in the Kiev Church of Christ (Ukraine). In the last month I have heard several times in church calls to dream for open churches in new towns and cities. The word "dream" has several meanings, both in English and in Russian, including what happens when we sleep; to imagine, plan, and hope for the future; and, divine foresight, given either while sleeping (Genesis 37:1-11) or awake (Acts 2:14-21). It seems to me that what is being conveyed is not so much that we should seek or expect a divine revelation of God's will for our lives, or for Him to bless our own "dreams" or plans. I think it is interesting that neither Jesus nor even one of the apostles claims to be lead by a dream. However, we find words such as "ambition," "goal," and "plan" in Paul's letters. What do you think about this? Thank you!

You are right. The “visions and dreams” of Acts 2 refer to the miraculous gift of prophecy (as in Numbers 12), not a personally tailored divine plan for our lives. This is what we teach in AIM. I see this other common interpretation as a manifestation of American individualism, neither biblical nor healthy. Not to say we shouldn’t PLAN, seek direction, and so on….