Issue 69 • June 2016


Are There Health Benefits to Masturbation? [Video]


Matt Fradd • Since the days of psychologists like Sigmund Freud and Alfred Kinsey, people picture the sexual impulse as if it’s this boiling, tumultuous force that needs an outlet or it will explode in harmful ways.

What does medical science actually tell us about this? Many studies have been done about this and always with really mixed results. But then in 2010 a very helpful paper was written for the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Dr. Stuart Brody compiled the research from a lot of studies and found that while ejaculation is associated with positive health effects, not all ejaculations are created equal.

Why I'm Sharing My Masturbation Struggle

Kimberly Johnson • A little over 12 years ago, I read a book where the author opened up about his previous struggle with masturbation. He shared that many people masturbate, but hardly anyone talks about it.

I struggled with masturbation, and I began weeping as I wondered why no one was willing to be brave and open up about this subject. I decided that if God set me free, I would be willing to share the truth about this bondage so others could step into freedom too.


Apps and Internet Doorways: What Parents Need to Know


Chris McKenna • Kids are using different doorways to the Internet than the one we used when we were growing up. It’s no longer just enough to monitor the browser. Parents need to make an inventory of all of the different ways their kids can access the Internet and know the risks and benefits of the apps their kids use.

Instagram, Pinterest, Musical.ly, and Twitter are full of pornographic video and picture content, just a few clicks away in the “search” feature. Due to the lack of parental controls, these searches can be deleted without you ever knowing. So, what's the solution?

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