Rocky Braat is a friend of mine who loves the poor and the hurting and the needy. He has also fallen in love with India. Here is his latest report. -- DJ

This story is a little longer than usual but saying that think about all the worthless tabloids and crap articles we read in a single day. This story is a miracle that you provided me the opportunity to be a part of.

So Friday Surya our nine year old came home from school with what looked like pink eye. It didn't seem to serious so Vennia and I took him to the local Doctor. The doctor not being aware of Surya's HIV status gave him pretty much the same diagnosis as I did. He gave some pills for pink eye and sent us home. Saturday morning when I saw Surya he was close to comatose and spiking a 103 fever. Immediately I rushed him to the local Doctor who gave another basic diagnosis. He treated him an injection to bring down the fever. Sunday I was preparing for church and one of the ladies said you have to take Surya to the hospital his condition is getting worse. I went in and took a look at him His lips and eyes were swollen shut and the skin had peeled off the corner of his left arm. The trip would be way too far for him to make it by bike so we had to take him to the bus station. As I carried him i tried to wave down a bus but nearly everything is full on Sunday. We got a bus but i was discouraged that nobody was willing to give up their seat so he could sit down.

I stepped off the bus and Vennia and Surya were off. For the rest of the day he didn't really cross my mind but at five o' clock we got a distressing call from the doctors. "If Surya has any relatives you may want to call them because he probably will not live through the night. It's a miracle in itself that I didn't die on the way to the hospital because I drove the Maximum my bike will go crying my eyes out the whole way there.

I rushed into the hospital searching the beds for him. He was tucked away in the corner on a little dirty green bed. He was rocking back and forth vomiting blood and yellow mucus. I placed my hand on his chest his skin was like fire. I couldn't see because his eyes were sealed shut but still I did everything in my power not to cry. Vanilla asked "please go to the shop and get paper towels so we can clean him?"

Shock started to kinda set in, I roamed around the Grocery store putting random things in the cart. " Juice that should help him, And a blanket that will keep him warm, oh and he will need lots of...... I paused, looked down at all the crap I had collected, "What am I doing?" Thoughts and fears of Vemathi's death rushed into my mind. "I can't believe this is happening I thought, He was fine just three days ago." I paused then started put the products back on the shelf.

"Father, I'm not even going to pray to you because you have already made up your mind."
"Your plans are so retarded sometimes I cursed under my breath."

One pack of paper towels seemed like enough to finish the night.

For the rest of the evening I sat on the floor next to his bed catching the blood and fluid that poured from him mouth. Every time I couldn't bare it, I'd go out side and weep. In the last four years I've become cynical to the idea of positive turn outs, India isn't a wishful thinking kind of place things are devastating and you learn to deal with it.

Somehow Surya made it through the night but his condition continued to worsen. His skin started to bubble up and peal from his body. The doctors would come over to him and just reassure me that everything was going to be OK.

I chased one of the younger doctors down outside and just asked him level with me. What are Surya's chances of surviving? "Are you medical personnel?" No, but I love this boy he is a son to me. I can't really share a patient's personal medical information."PLEASE LEVEL WITH ME! He has a very rare case of Steven Johnson Syndrome, In collimation with HIV he has 95% chance of fatality. It basically attacks the cell membranes making them burst the patient usually bleeds to death from every part of his body.

I started calling everyone I could and begged them to fast and pray for our little boy. I don't even know why I called everyone I had 0% faith that anything could be done. I Begged God to at least be kind, "he is such a good boy send a thousand angels to carry him home so he won't be scared."

This was the very reason I came to India so that not one of the children would have to go through this moment alone,There really is no beautiful and easy way around this moment it's bound to come I just cant bear any child facing it alone.

Monday night Surya sat up in his bed and was trying to communicate something. He had to go to the bathroom #2. I'm not going to lie I was really challenged to be selfless in this way. Since he was all hooked up to IV's it was a two person job. I carried him into the bathroom as Vennila carried the IVs. I tried my best to carefully set him down on the toilet. When I lifted my arm all the skin peeled off his back and blood ran down his back.

"Oh my God how can I be so careless, this is Aids, I'm way to close to this?"

I immediately went to the sink and started scrubbing my arm with soap, "I'm way to close to this". Fears rushed into my mind what if i get Aids. This was really the first time I ever considered the possibility, to be honest i was scared.

4:30 am I awoke on the floor next to Surya bed. The man moping the floor demanded i get up. Surya hadn't talked in three days but was starting to whimper over a pain he was having in his stomach. I pulled the sheet away and looked, his stomach had swollen three times it's normal size. He resembled a starving smolian child. I approached the doctor who informed me that his stomach was completely full from the IV fluid. He said " you see all the sours on his body that is also happening inside his body so it will be nearly impossible for him to pass urine, We can try a catheter but like i told you yesterday different complications will continue to come."

I went back to his bed side and just begged God for mercy. "If you want this boy take him but don't make him just suffer needlessly." I asked Surya to pray in his head since, he was unable to speak. Then i asked him to squeeze my hand when he is finished. After some time he in fact sqeezed my hand.

The doctor and nurses came over to the bed and asked that I leave while they fix the catheter, I kindly protested NO to which they demanded I leave. I pressed my face against the tiny circular window and watched the crowd of medical professionals gather around Surya. All of a sudden he started to scream my name over and over all I could do is stand outside and cry and pray for him. After trying they were unsuccessful. I quickly went to his bedside and tried to comfort him. "Hey buddy lets pray and ask God to help you go to the bathroom. I prayed the best I could despite my faithlessness. I lifted him off the bed and set him on the floor.

"Surya we are going to try something we are going to walk back and fourth seven times and if pee pee comes you just go and I'll grab a bucket to catch it. So back and forth we walked praying when all of a suddlen he started to go. I quickly grabbed the bucket and camel boy filled it up. I started shouting with joy. I took the full bucket over to the doctors. Look how much urine! You would think his little league team just won the championship game or something. I realized I left Surya standing like a blind man in the middle of the hospital ward. Although It was a small step the progress fired me up so much.

Day in and day out the doctor told me it could be Surya's last but I stayed by his bed praying and and giving my best. I am so happy to say that he is no longer in critical condition and has left the ICU. He has been in the hospital for a month and was unable to attained my wedding but I'm so happy is alive. He has completely defied everything the doctors have said. In fact he has made medical history in the hospital. They called a reporter to document his story and recovery. The doctors keep asking me why did you do this for him your not even related to him. I said the love of Jesus compels me.

I'm waiting for the day when Surya will walk out of the hospital and rejoin our family.

I spent a lot of time putting this video together in hopes that it would really inspire and encourage you for your amazing sacrifice. I am deeply moved and humbled to tears that you have not forgotten me and that you continue to love and believe in the work.

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Thank you with everything I have for not forgetting me
May God bless you everyday and in every way for your love and Kindness.