Teleios is the journal of the Teleios Society. The Teleios Society exists to promote holistic Christian spirituality in the lives of disciples of Jesus. The editors believe the Christian community needs an academic journal that explores both the theory and praxis of teleios.

What is Τελειος/Teleios? First, it’s a Koine (biblical) Greek word that means “whole, complete, mature, perfect.” However, it also is the title of a new scholarly journal produced by scholars of the Stone-Campbell movement. Teleios is a journal of holistic Christian spirituality. It is the journal of the Teleios Society, a society established to advance scholarly study.

The apostle Paul used this word, teleios, to state his purpose for writing to the churches in Colossae, Laodicea, and Hierapolis, It is he (Christ) whom we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone in all wisdom, so that we may present everyone mature (teleios) in Christ” (Col 1:28). This verse serves as the mission statement for Teleios. The editors pray that this journal may present everyone teleios in Christ.

If you are looking for encouraging and engaging reading that is deep, thought-provoking, spiritual, well-researched, and relevant, then take a look at If you are looking for scholarly articles that are also practical and accessible, then take a look at If you desire to become more mature, complete, whole as a disciple of Jesus, then take a look at

Teleios believes that art and artists have much to contribute to theological well-being. Therefore, Teleios will publish poems, essays, short fiction, photography, and other forms of visual art. Teleios will review recent publications in the fields of biblical studies, theology, spirituality, church history, social justice, literature, leadership, and ministry. Teleios will be published biannually (winter and summer). The Teleios Society will sell subscriptions to the journal. Members of the society will receive the journal, regular electronic bulletins, and admission to the annual society meeting.

Authors and artists are encouraged to submit articles, short fiction, poems, and photographs for publication. Guidelines for publication can be found at All submissions should be sent to

The journal is published twice a year (in the winter and summer). The first issue will be available on February 1, 2021. The theme for the first issue will be “Let Justice Roll.” The first issue includes articles by Ronald Rolheiser, Jamila Michener, Douglas Jacoby, Jennifer Konzen, Gabe Santos, and others. The journal includes both scholarly articles and practical articles. The journal also includes original poetry and photography. Speech of the band Arrested Development contributes a poem. Many disciples from the ICOC contribute photos. The journal includes book reviews of newly published books in the area of theology, biblical studies, church history, and spirituality. SUBSCRIBE HERE!

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