Used with permission by John Clayton, of Does God Exist?

On March 7, 2016, the Supreme Court reversed Alabama's refusal to recognize same-sex adoption, saying that same-sex couples cannot be denied adoption rights. The case in question also was complicated because it dealt with a couple who adopted in another state and moved to Alabama. The National Center for Lesbian Rights was the primary backer of this case, and there are nationwide implications.

As an adoptive father and as a teacher who has worked extensively with adopted kids in my public school teaching career, my concern about this ruling is that the welfare of the kids is not being addressed. The selfish interest of the lesbian adult is being held as primary, and the fact that children need the influence of a father as well as a mother is ignored. Interestingly enough, the lesbian couple who precipitated the suit have now broken up, and three children are involved. The needs and welfare of children seem to be secondary in this decision, but then again that was the case in Roe v. Wade. Source: USA Today, March 8, 2016, page 3B.