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4 Things I Would Like to Say to Taylor Swift as a Pastor
June was a big month for Taylor Swift as she embraced LGBTQ month, making big political statements and releasing a hit song designed to influence the national conversation around LGBTQ issues.

“You Need to Calm Down” is a hit song targeting Christians and others who object to LGBTQ lifestyles.  She wants such people to calm down and stop spreading hate. The music video ends with a strong statement urging people to get the US Senate to support the Democrat-inspired Equality Act. 

The song is so creative, catchy, and well done that it will join the dominant media and influence millions of young Americans. 

That is very disturbing to me as a pastor.

It is a not-so-subtle anti-Christian music video that is another voice leading to the silencing of those who morally disagree with the LGBTQ agenda. “You need to calm down, you are too loud,” Swift says to us. She says that we are in the dark ages, we are haters, and we don’t know anything about gay people.


I wish we could sit down and talk. I have so many questions for Taylor, and I fear she has many inaccuracies in her perspective.  I wish she had an older woman - a godly, street-smart lady who gets creatives - who could disciple Taylor in the ways of Jesus.

In the meantime, here are the four things I would like to share with her as a pastor.

1. It is Hard When Friends and Family We Love Are Actively Involved in LGBTQ Lifestyles.

I too have family and friends involved in these lifestyles. They are good, kind, and loving people. They do not want to hurt others, they just want to be respected and loved. Many would not have chosen their orientation. I love them dearly and pray for them regularly.

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