The Bible places far more emphasis on who we are inside than on how we behave or appear to others. We have all seen too many comrades-in-arms fall, not rebounding but remaining fallen, due to a weak walk with the Lord—while others continue to go forward to do great things despite formidable obstacles. The course covers character, sexual issues, financial responsibility, and much more. The secret of a godly leader: the inner spiritual life. Learn how to cultivate it.

1. Personal Spiritual Growth (Douglas Jacoby)

2. Men and Women of the Word (Arturo Elizarraras)

3. Missionary Faith: Patrick in Ireland (Douglas Jacoby)

4. Personal Righteousness: Avoiding Addictions (Sam Laing)

5. Prayer: Connecting with God (Fred Faller)

6. Fasting: The Forgotten Discipline (Fred Faller)

7. Spirituality and Suffering (Tom Jones)

8. When a Loved One is Physically Challeged (Sheila Jones)

9. Giving Your Firstfruits: Beyond Tithing (Greg Garcia)

10. Biblical Meditation (Joey Harris)

11. Classic Texts of the Christian Faith (Joey Harris)

12. Time Management: Spiritual Priorities (Douglas Jacoby)

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