A Note on Robert

"Robert Coleman is the spiritual father of the modern disciple-making movement, and we have some special resources for you to get an up-close and personal view of his life—and message. This is on Robert's personal discipleship.

I love how he highlights the importance of having relationships for making disciples.

We just published on our podcast a never-released interview in which he shares his personal story.

He shares specific examples of how he discipled his students from the earliest days, and how he discipled those he met in various contexts—even his kids.

Be encouraged by Robert Coleman’s focus on the sovereignty of God in discipleship and hear in his voice why he still gets excited about the principles of the "Master Plan of Evangelism".

And note—he just turned 90 years old!"

Listen to this special podcast episode of our interview with Dr. Coleman:

You can also stream the episode here.

- Bobby Harrington, Executive Director, Discipleship.org