Dear Discipleship-First Tribe,

One of the major developments coming for disciple makers moving into 2020 is the proliferation of digital apps and mobile sites (that function like apps) to help us follow the mission of Jesus.

How do I know this? We’re already seeing it develop and we are noting how it is helping many!

What I mean is that disciple makers are engaging in developing tools that everyday disciples and disciple makers are using in disciple making. These tools can help make disciple making easier, convenient—and even more effective.

For example, here are three apps that partners of are already using (that I recommend you check out):

  1. Small Circle – click here for more information and to download
  2. Like Jesus – click here for more information to download
  3. Discovery Bible Study – click here for more information and to download

These three apps are very helpful … but I know there are even more apps like these out there.

That’s why I want to ask for your help, as we prepare for disciple making in 2020. wants to help you by delivering to you the Top 10 Disciple Making Apps or Mobile Sites. We will publish this post in January.

But with so many apps and mobile sites in use, it’s difficult to track them all!

Are you willing to help?

If yes, then please send us recommendations of apps and mobile sites that you have checked out and recommend. We want our list to be as thorough and helpful as possible. Will you help us find the best ones?

*NOTE: Please send recommendations with links to Make sure to include: 1) the name of the app or mobile site (that functions like an app), 2) the URL to access more information, and 3) a brief synopsis of any information about the app.

We will be excited to share with everyone what we find in a Top 10 list coming in January!

For King Jesus,

Bobby Harrington, Point Leader,