The Newsletter of IBTM
Edinburgh, 21 June 2023

Hello from sunny Scotland!

It’s the first day of summer (if you’re in the northern hemisphere). For us, dawn began at 3:25 am, and dusk will finally yield to night at 11:06 pm. It’s nice having such long days—for encouragement and productivity.

In today’s newsletter, a Q&A on sexual standards and an invitation to Antioch, where the disciples were first called Christians.

Are the sexual standards of Scripture “cultural”?

Q: I have heard that the biblical authors did not understand sexual orientation or the concept of loving, monogamous gay relationships as we do today—making their writings obsolete. My thinking is that even if this were true, the argument bypasses the issue of the inspiration of scripture. Wouldn’t the Holy Spirit of God appreciate these characteristics when he inspired Paul and Moses to write what they wrote? Are we really to believe that God, the architect and designer of us all, was ignorant about biology and psychology, or about our need to give and receive love—to be in a relationship?


Antioch & Cyprus 2024

ANTIOCH (Antakya) is located along the Orontes River in modern-day Turkey. The city became a center for early Christianity, playing an important role in the ministry of the apostle Paul in the New Testament. It was at Antioch that followers of Jesus were first called “Christians” (Acts 11:26).

Syrian Antioch (actually in modern Turkey, not Syria) was the launching point for the First Missionary Journey (Acts 13). The city was largely destroyed in a earthquake and massive aftershocks earlier this year—but the ancient ruins remain. Our hotel, recently constructed and up to code, was undamaged.

If you’re interested in the main tour—there are also 5 pre- and post-tours!—please contact me (not Tutku) at I will be the point man for everyone who learned of the Antioch Seminar through this newsletter.

Upcoming Biblical Study Tours: Israel 2024 (two February tours); Israel: The Women of the Bible (May 2025); and Antioch & Cyprus 2024. Please consider joining one of these faith-building adventures.

Conversations: The Matthew 28 Lens

The next “conversation” should be available next week. Vicki and I are very exited about this series. Watch this space!

Beannachd leat an-dràsta

This weekend I join Malcolm Cox (L) and Prof. Andrew Boakye (C) in Watford (just north of London) for AIM-UK/Ireland. Our topic: Old Testament Interpretation.

Classes include: Narrative; Primeval Narrative; Law; Conquest & War Reportage; Poetry & Psalms; Wisdom Literature; Prophecy; Christ in the O.T.; Apocalyptic; Taking a Second Look: Select OT Passages; Numbers; Genealogy; Parable; Chapter & Verse Nos; and Healthy Hermeneutic Habits.

Beannachd leat an-dràsta! (That’s good-bye for now, in Scots Gaelic)