“One thing I see at the orthodox cores of our traditions is that at one and the same time we are to hold faithfully to truth as we know it and have discerned it and to hold to the reality of things we will not comprehend in this lifetime.” Krista Tippett

We’re going to hold faithfully to the truths of Christianity, while we explore the realities of this world, up to the limits of what we can know. Over the next four months we’ll be sharing conversations we've had with a wide range of people, not all of whom share our perspective. These are theologians, pastors, scientists, and writers, and all of them care deeply about the interaction of science and faith.

No one will agree with all of our guests and there’s a good chance you might find yourself uncomfortable at moments. But we hope you’ll come away with a greater sense of awe and wonder at the world we live in and how it works, and perhaps you’ll respond as many of them do -- with praise and thankfulness to the God who made it all.

This season we've already talked with John Ortberg, Jonathan Merritt, and Krista Tippett. Still to come are conversations with John Walton, Marcelo Gleiser, "Science" Mike McHargue, Oliver Crisp, and many others.

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Jim Stump, Host of Language of God

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