Do you need structure in your daily Bible reading? Or want to study an entire book of the Bible—not various verses, but a whole book, to get a sense of the flow? Or do you want something meatier than normal fare? If yes, this series may be for you.
This is a fascinating, well thought-out letter. Yet how solid is our own understanding when it comes to this majestic epistle? Do we truly have a sense of the whole? Let this series help you! Most of the 26 podcasts are 15-20 minutes in length. (The total series comes to about 9 hours.) Each lesson also comes with suggested memory passages.
But first, please listen to this brief audio message (2 minutes).
Some of the highlights (the numbers in parentheses are the chapter nos. in Romans):
  • Faith/works tension (4-5). Why did Luther love Romans and reject James?
  • Is it possible to be saved by conscience alone, without baptism or even grasping God's plan? (3, 2)
  • Are Christians permitted to kill their enemies (12)? What should our relationship with authority be (13)?
  • What was Paul's real purpose for visiting Rome (15)?
  • How did the Christians of the first century meet for church-- are we modern believers missing something (14-16)
  • Since God knows the end from the beginning, what about predestination? Do we really have a choice--free will (9-11)?
  • What is God's plan for my life (8)? How can I know his will (12)?
  • Do Christians have to face judgment, or do we bypass the judgment throne of God (2, 14)?
  • What does Paul mean when he said that "all Israel will be saved" (11)?
  • Are believing in your heart and confessing "Jesus is Lord" sufficient for salvation, or is there more (10)?
  • How much should we let others dictate our behavior, when something we do might make them feel uncomfortable -- eating meat, drinking alcohol, etc (14)?
  • We all struggle -- but how much struggle is acceptable (7-8)?
  • What was the potential doctrinal disaster Paul feared might infect the influential capital city of Rome -- and thus poison the entire Christian movement (1)?