From Mike:

GratitudeSeveral new donors have joined us. Thank you!  ActivitiesIn November, the majority of my work involved editing a chapter I wrote, “Did Jesus think he was God?” that will be included in a book on Christology to be published by T&T Clark probably in late 2022.

I also wrote a paper that I read at the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. I enjoy going to this conference every year. Not only is it a good time to learn about some of the breakthroughs occurring in biblical scholarship, it’s a great time to catch up with friends, many of whom I see only at this conference. Sometimes one receives great encouragement. And this year was no exception. Two students whom I had not met previously told me how much the work I’ve done has meant to them. One told me my work on Jesus’ resurrection was instrumental in his coming to faith. He is now attending seminary. The other informed me that my books and debates greatly encouraged him at a time when he was doubting his faith and almost gave it up. He is now completing a PhD in Systematic Theology. Both were willing to repeat what they had told me on video. Here it is (under 2-minutes).Moments before the panel discussion began. From left to right: Paul Copan, Rob Bowman, yours truly, Gary Habermas, Bob Stewart.Other NewsI recently learned from IVP that my large book The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach will be converted into an audio version. I'd hate to be the one tasked to do that! The book has already been translated into Spanish and Korean. Our presence in social media is growing. This will be the 3rd year in a row in which our videos have received 1 million views (give or take a little) on our EnglishYouTube channel. Did you know that we started a Spanish YouTube channel earlier this year? It already has 60 videos! We also have Spanish Instagram and Facebook accounts. One of our donors is providing funding so that, beginning this month, our YouTube videos will also begin to be translated into Arabic and Hindi and posted on new platforms in those languages on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook!  We would like to translate our videos into two more languages for now: Chinese and Russian. The cost is only $250/mo per language to translate 6-8 videos plus another $100/mo to post several times a week in that language on Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to provide funding (whether full or partial) for one of those languages or even both, please contact me through our website.