Reviewed by Malcolm Cox

Hwa Yung's Leadership or Servanthood? is one of the most challenging and inspiring books I have read for some time. The book confronts the prevailing leadership paradigm in many Christian circles, advocating for a focus on servanthood instead. However, it is promoting the idea of "leading servants" rather than "servant leaders." Hwa Yung challenges the typical hierarchical approach to leadership and calls for a collaborative and shared leadership model, which is more effective in nurturing a supportive and united community within the church.

The author's emphasis on developing faithful and godly disciples rather than training ‘leaders’ struck a chord with me. It aligns with my own experiences, where I've witnessed the danger of attempting to ‘spiritualise’ those with leadership gifts, but lacking a servant heart. I appreciate the book's emphasis on spiritual growth, character, and compassion as essential qualities for leadership. 

It reminds me of the importance of fostering a heart of submission to the Father, just as Jesus exemplified during His earthly ministry. Jesus’ radical submission to the will of his Father was enabled by his secure sense of identity as God’s son. We can experience that same sense of security because we are as beloved of the Father as Jesus was. With that confidence in God established, we are then able to submit to the Father’s will for our lives and serve others for their benefit rather than our own. True spiritual authority comes from a life lived in obedience and dependence on God, not from a quest for power or prestige.

In conclusion, Leadership or Servanthood? has encouraged me to renew my commitment to a servant-hearted approach to my teaching and leadership roles — challenging as that is. Since finishing the book I have prayed daily to grow in spiritual maturity, seeking to lead by example and empower others through genuine love and service. This book has reaffirmed my conviction that authentic leadership emerges from a heart devoted to God and a life surrendered to His will.  ORDER BOOK