To hear the final section of Doctrinal, Biblical, and Psychological Obstacles to Accepting Conditionalism: Successfully Rethinking Hell in a Small Christian Movement (26 minutes), click on the podcast icon below.

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In the first podcast, we set the stage (parts I-III). In the second podcast, we surveyed a number of blocks that prevent people from accepting  terminal punishment, despite strong biblical support (part IV). In this lesson, we will explore an effective strategy for disseminating the doctrine of terminal punishment throughout your church fellowship, and close with a warning to maintain a spirit of grace (parts V-VI).

I. The corporal / capital paradigm
II. The Restoration Movement: ICOC
III. Rethinking Hell, 1984-2014
IV. Obstacles: Doctrinal, Biblical, & Psychological
V. Strategy for Effecting Change
VI. Attitude: Guarding our Spirit
For the entire chapter, see .pdf file at end of part 1.