Participants on the May/June 2019 Israel tour came from Canada, the Bahamas, the U.K., U.S., Cambodia, Zambia, South Africa, Singapore, and Australia. Here are their responses:


"This tour brought the Bible to life for me. It was inspiring and moving, brimming with in-depth biblical information. It was like a walk through history with Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus. We walked where they walked and experienced the culture, lifestyle and terrain of their world. I would highly recommend any student of the Bible to go on a Biblical Study tour." – S.F. (Texas, US)

"I now see the Bible in a completely new light." — G.B. (Texas, US)

"I was spiritually strengthened and encouraged to get the Bible locations imprinted in my head. Thanks also for the great fellowship and spiritual lessons along the way. The time I had with Douglas personally was especially helpful, strengthening my heart spiritually… Thank you!" — S.L. (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

"A wonderful and inspiring trip! I am rereading the gospels and underlining references to all the places we visited. It is amazing how much more real the Scriptures seem when I’ve actually seen those places. You are doing a wonderful work and are a great leader!" — A.L. (Georgia, US)

"This trip has given me a totally renewed appreciation for you and the work you do around the world for those you reach. Thank you for allowing God to use you in ways I cannot put into words right now, but am so grateful for… The tour was exactly what I needed to help me with my relationship with Jesus, and others. I will be processing this for a while as I continue to study the Old Testament and the New... To be where Jesus and his disciples walked was amazing—mind-boggling. I loved being on the Sea of Galilee, singing, praying, imagining Jesus walking on water, the disciples in the boat, Peter getting out of the boat to walk to Jesus. I also loved seeing the archaeological sites ruins, swimming in the Dead Sea, and especially our service in the Garden of Gethsemane. Walking, praying, having communion, and thinking about Jesus being in agony, asking God to take the cup from him—but God’s will, not his… Of course I also loved getting to know other disciples and their stories." — K.G. (Georgia, US)

"An awe-inspiring experience on all levels, spiritually, emotionally and relationally. Wish every disciple was able to go and have Douglas as their guide." — W.V. (Cape Town, South Africa)

"This was definitely a life-changing trip. I loved the fact that we covered so much ground—both geographically and historically. Everything ran smoothly, and you and the local guide did a fantastic job ensuring that we always knew what we were looking at. I'm reading my Bible with a completely different attitude as a result of the trip, and I am now able to more easily visualise and contextualise what was happening in both the Old and New Testaments. I am sure that my faith is much stronger as a result and of course it is so easy to share my faith at work—not many of my colleagues have been to Israel, and so they are keen to know what it is like and why they should go... We came on the trip as a way of celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. My advice to all Christians is not to wait this long, but go as soon as you can. Give the beaches and the cruises a miss for once—you will not regret going on a BST hosted by Douglas Jacoby—an investment in your own, your family’s, and your ministry’s future, with guaranteed high returns." —B.W. (London)

"I was inspired particularly by the Western Wall, the synagogue in Capernaum, and Gethsemane." — G.G. (Georgia, US)

"Our highlight: brothers & sisters treating each other with love and selflessness, even when at 45 degrees C (115 F)! Most spiritual moment: scripture reading by one of the sisters, plus singing as a group, in the prison cell where Jesus was likely held before his crucifixion. Unforgettable! Best personal moment: swimming in the Sea of Galilee. Dream fulfilled: very enjoyable tour, loving and giving disciples, and walking in the holy land where Jesus walked. Can’t ask for more." — B. B. (California, US)

As always, this was a real faith-builder… Great time with new friends… Looking forward to the tour to Turkey next year. — M. L. (North Carolina, US)