The following was written in response to the Newsweek cover story, "The Religious Case for Gay Marriage."  While many will take on the substance of the argument, I wanted to comment on the style.  The author didn't simply state her case, but belittled anyone who might hold a differing view. Such writing techniques do nothing to further an open and honest discussion so desperately needed on such a divisive subject.

Following is the text of the letter to the editor:

Lisa Miller's article argued that the Bible was written with an eye toward inclusiveness, which she applied to gay marriage, and that the Bible has nothing of value to say about heterosexual marriage in our day.  What I found interesting was that as she was making her points, she wrote implicitly that anyone who does not agree with her views is neither "contemporary", "sensible", "mature", "serious", or even "semiserious".  She thereby excludes anyone who might hold a differing view while at the same time exhorting them to be inclusive!  This is a propaganda trick designed to make the reader feel out-of-step with the group unless he accepts the prescribed view.  It is a very helpful technique, particularly if one can't make their case on fact and reason alone.  Lisa, just state your case and let the reader decide without these unhelpful digs at the other side.

And to the editors of Newsweek,  there are plenty of scholars and theologians who can make a contemporary, sensible, mature, and serious argument against homosexual behavior from the Bible without resorting to hatred and homophobia.  Considering the importance and controversy surrounding this subject, please consider granting equal space to this opposing view.

Thank you,
Jason G