Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We've had an exciting few months in the Holy Land Churches of Christ, and wanted to share some of our good news with you. The last six months have been a time of political calm in the region, and we are happy to report on the status of the Churches!

Last month we baptized a new Palestinian brother, who comes from a Muslim background. His story is amazing, as he did not come to church searching for God. However, in the span of about a year God moved into his heart and he became a disciple of Christ!

This month we had our first annual women's retreat in Bethlehem. Members and visitors from Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv came to study about grace. It was an edifying time of learning and diversity, with lessons translated in Arabic, Hebrew, English, and Russian!

Also this month we are gaining two disciples to serve in the ministry! Erol and Deborah Dogen decided to sell their house in Vancouver, Canada, in order to dedicate this coming year to serving God in the Holy Land. We hope their example will encourage others to consider moving to this challenging ministry area. For more information about Erol and Deborah, or for information about opportunities to serve in Jerusalem, please check our newly remodeled website at !

In the last few weeks you may have heard news regarding the "tomb of Jesus and his family" in Jerusalem. For those who will attend this summer's trip, we will be visiting the place where this tomb was found in Jerusalem. We will also hear archeological and statistical explanations about the tomb from scholars who are directly in touch with the topic.

Finally, we want to remind you that the registration deadline for this summer's mission trip is March 31st! Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to walk where Jesus walked! For more information or to register online, visit on our website at .

In Him,
Aziz and Marie Sarah
Holy Land Churches of Christ