Responses to the 12th Annual International Teachers' Conference (November 2006, Washington DC) have been very positive:

"The conference was a very encouraging and fulfilling time! In the spirit of Psalm 18:25, I was very encouraged to hear the humility and reflection expressed amongst everyone and especially those who had speaking roles. I appreciate the call to respect others and avoid extremes in ministry. Hopefully, by facing both the good and the bad that was done in the past, we will see God's perspective and know how we should move on with humility."--John Pombrio

"I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed the refreshing ITS this year. I was amazed out how many people came from many different countries. I was also impressed with everyone's willingness to reexamine our faith and how to build churches. Everyone was humble, excited, faithful, and encouraging. I believe that forums like this are critical to the future direction of the church... Hope to see you in Turkey next year."--Skip Gross

"The conference was excellent through inspiration and scholarship!"--Andrew R. Beaudry

"Bringing these DC congregations together was a huge step in our healing process... I also want to thank you deeply for the ITS. This is the conference that I most enjoy attending... I was so grateful that it could be in DC... You picked a very timely topic. Extending fellowship to brothers (and sisters) outside of the ICOC is an important step for us as a movement--for our humility, bringing us from the 'extremes' that LaGard spoke about back to a focus on love, and also opening our eyes and our influence so that we maintain a learning spirit with others. I long for that day when disciples from our movement will feel that they can truly learn from others--whether they be church of Christ, Christian Church, Baptist, or even unbelievers... The main things I walked away with for myself were: (1) Make sure that my theology is not fear-based but faith-based... (2) Strive to catch myself when I use jargon that puts other people down... (3) Teach people to live by faith, to help them be more like Jesus... (4) Fight extremism, whether it be extremely conservative, legalistic, or liberal... (5) Set an example worthy of imitation... (6) Focus on life change--which happens when we are vulnerable, open, humble, and real in our relationships--and which is the real strength of our movement. The power of a changed life is stronger than doctrine or opinion."--Brett Kreider

"The ITS was excellent, stimulating my mind and encouraging my soul. It was great for me to study and put together my thoughts on faith and politics, its effect on the church and vice versa. It was also great to see so many brothers and sisters from around the world so interested in loving the Lord with all of their mind... Your Sunday message was faith building and your facilitation of the joint service encouraging to all!... You are truly a peacemaker, a spirit that God's church needs desperately these days."--Andy Blocker

"Great being with you, as always. I enjoyed the unusual (for us) program. It definitely expanded some horizons for many, if not all. I especially thought the Saturday morning lesson by LaGard Smith and the Friday lesson by Scott Green were highlights."--Gordon Ferguson