Good morning Renew Network subscribers,

Would you join us as we seek to renew the teachings of King Jesus in our day? It is a bold aspiration.

It will require us to be prayerful, to use critical thinking (loving God with our minds), and to be courageous. Our webinar with Sasha Noe, DO, PhD on Marijuana and the Bible last week is a sample of our future work.

Marijuana is legal in more and more places…and more and more people are using it recreationally. Does the teaching of King Jesus address this topic? In what way?

We tackled the issues head on - If you missed it, you can watch it by clicking the link here.

You will have the opportunity to receive a FREE eBook from the webinar at our leadership launch on Wednesday, October 24th. We plan to offer many other FREE eBooks on that day as well.

Here are 3 other eBook titles to anticipate:

  • Becoming a Disciple Maker: The Pursuit of Level 5 Disciple Making
  • What the Bible Really Teaches about Baptism
  • Untangling Addiction: A Guide to Recovery though Jesus-style Discipleship

We will make 12 eBooks available this fall and more in 2019.

If you would like to join our prayer team, we would love to have you click here to join our Facebook Group. This is an opportunity for you to join a multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-generational team, who all want to renew Jesus’ teachings for disciples and disciple making. We welcome you and thank you in advance!

For King Jesus,

Bobby Harrington

P.S. Please mark your calendars now for the webinar on Biblical Truth vs Culture with Christian Ray and Renee Sproles - Thursday, September 6th at 8PM Central Time.