The Five Love Languages of Children, by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell.
Very well written, easy to read. Makes you think about each individual child. Many practicals given. Chapter 8 on discipline is a bit questionable. Chapter 10 entitled "Anger and Love" is interesting. And there is a chapter that addresses single-parent homes.

The Key to Your Child's Heart, by Gary Smalley.
Very practical book. Easy to read. Covers many of the major areas of parenting. Recommend for parents of any age child.

40 Ways to Teach Your Child Values, by Paul Lewis.
Extremely practical -- covering a wide range of topics, such as allowances, how to make friends, chores, tame the TV, how to teach honesty, "can do" spirit, being thankful, etc. Very helpful for parents who want some new practical ideas.

Raising Awesome Kids in Troubled Times, by Sam and Geri Laing.
This books has helped thousands of parents see God's plan for raising children who love God, love life and love other people. At a time when many parents seem helpless to influence their children, the Laings give Biblical and practical direction for instilling values and developing character in children's lives (available from DPI).

Dr. James Dobson has written many excellent, practical books on parenting:

* Hide or Seek -- how to build confidence in Your Child
Dare to Discipline
* The Strong-Willed Child

Highly recommend for all parents: Parenting Isn't For Cowards


The Wonder Years, by Sam and Geri Laing and Elizabeth Laing Thompson.
An EXCELLENT book. Sam and Geri Laing give godly advice to help you navigate these challenging but exhilarating years. Written from both the perspective of parent and child, this book will help you prepare your family for life and eternity (available from DPI)

Parenting Adolescents, by Kevin Huggins.
This book makes parents look at themselves, for example, "why do you react to your children the way you do?"