I was listening to your message on zombies—which I enjoyed! You asked, "What scripture comes to mind when you think of zombies?" I was surprised you didn't discuss the passage most prevalent in my mind—Mathew 27:51-53. I've always been curious about the risen dead in this passage. Did they go back to their graves, or continue to live? Did they look fully restored, or decomposed? What's their significance in relation to zombies? — D.A.

In popular lore zombies are still dead—despite their well-known ambulatory and gustatory habits. But these people are alive. But I can certainly understand why you thought of Matthew 27! As for their appearance, one can only speculate.

I believe the point of the passage is that Christ's death has impact on the quick and the dead—and on those living under the old and the new covenant. Jesus, however, is the first human fully resurrected (1 Cor 15:20, 23)—not the Jerusalem crew of Matt 27. They were raised to life—presumably only to die again.

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