The Qur'an mentions prophets being sent to other nations, and records dialogues with the nations, but where in the Bible is it recorded that Iddo, Jonah, Joel, Obadiah, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah dialogued in detail with the Israelites? God sent thousands of prophets to the Israelites, but the Bible recorded only 16 major and minor Prophets. Why didn't the Bible record the words of all those true prophets? — Naveed

Actually, the Old Testament records dialogues and oracles for dozens of prophets. Right now I am reading the books of 1-2 Kings. There alone we encounter perhaps 15-20 different prophets. I am not sure Allah sent 1000s of prophets to the Israelites, but 100s are referred to in Scripture.

The Bible does contain the messages of many prophets, and you can find them not only in the books from Isaiah to Malachi, but also here and there in the historical sections of the Old Testament. I would also add that the mission of the prophets wasn't to dialogue, but to warn—to call God's people to obey his commands. In the prophets there are generally alternating oracles of judgment and hope. There are also appeals to reason (e.g. Isaiah 1:18).

Of course if every word were recorded, the prophetic section alone would be the length of many Qur’ans. And, extrapolating further, the entire Bible would easily be 10-20 times its current length of about 1000 pages. (That is, 50-100 times the length of the Qur'an.) So shorter is better, I think.