What does the bibble [sic] say about marijuana? After all, it is just a plant. Have you smoked it? Have you read about the effects it has on you? This is what it does to me: it basically shuts up all my thoughts till I have only one. — Josue

No, I have never smoked it. But when I was 17 visited Duke University, where I began college half a year later. There was an informal circle of 5 or 6 students, passing around a marijuana cigarette. When it came to me, I saw that it was dripping with saliva, so I only pretended to inhale. That's the closest I ever came.

Now about silencing all my thoughts till I have only one, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Sometimes that is probably what I need to do: silence the racket in my head—the busy-ness, the thoughts and questions and concerns. (See Luke 10:38-42.)

Yet Christians are called to love God with all their minds—to be good thinkers. Tuning out is not what we are commanded to do, but to be alert. Watchful, not mellow; vigilant, not nonchalant. We meditate—not emptying our minds, but rather filling them with the Word of God. That means we often have more than one thought, especially as we are attempting to apply scriptural principles to our daily lives.

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