Good evening! A young Christian just asked if angels have the Holy Spirit. I never thought about it: Is "having" the Spirit necessary in heaven? The Spirit is there..... We're given the Spirit as a gift here to do the work of God and to be close to God, but they also do God's work; they are just not adopted, right? Thank you for shedding some light here. -- Wendy

Maybe we could say that the angels are spirits — non-physical beings — but I have never encountered the notion that they might possess spirits. Now of course one could claim that God has a spirit (the Holy Spirit), and God is spirit, not material (John 4:24), so there is at least one counter-example. You are right: angels are portrayed as servants (Heb 1:14), while sons (and daughters) of God receive the Spirit (2 Tim 1:7; Acts 5:43; much of Rom 8!).

As I see it, the angels have already made their choice. Some oppose God (these fell, presumably like Satan himself). Other angels are in a right relationship with God; Paul uses the word “elect” when he writes to Timothy (1 Tim 5:21).

The primary function of the Spirit, however, isn’t to make us work harder or more effectively — although that may be a consequence. Spirit is how Father and Son indwell our hearts (John 14:23). It’s more about our relationship with God than some requirement of God.

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