What is a good Bible software program? Any recommendations? -- Jide

[Reply by Joey Harris, Bible teacher in Augusta, Georgia]

Choosing Bible software is not that easy. It depends on what computing environment you use (Mac, PC, Android, iOS, etc.) and also on what your Bible study goals are.

  • There is a very good general Bible study software tool called the Glo Bible, which works on Windows, Mac, iPad, and iPhone (pay one price and run on all platforms!) and is relatively inexpensive. I really love it's combination of simple, yet powerful Bible study features, top Bible translations, and the integration of the features in its user interface. Plus, the price is excellent for what you get. More information: http://globible.com/.
  • Logos Bible Software runs on Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android. It has the largest library of Bibles and books, both general and scholarly, of any Bible software. The interface is not as pretty or easy to use as the Glo Bible interface, but if you want to have a true religious study library (commentary sets, original language tools, general study books, etc.) searchable from anywhere, then Logos has everything. The disadvantage is cost. Depending on which and how many books you get, it can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get what you want, although the plus is.....you can get what you want. You can start out on it for free (KJV and some basic tools) to see if you like it. More information: https://www.logos.com.
  • If you are on the Mac, in addition to Glo Bible and Logos, you also have available one of the best tools for original language (Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic) Bible studies available anywhere, Accordance bible software. Accordance Bible Software only works on Apple products. It runs on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Accordance has a simple, relatively easy to use interface and, like Logos, also has a very large library of books and bible study resources available, especially for Hebrew and Greek studies. It allows easy, fast, and very powerful searching across all of its tools. Accordance is priced similarly to Logos and also has a free starter version. More information: http://www.accordancebible.com.
  • For Smartphones and web, I highly recommend the You Version which works on the web, iPhone and iPad, and Android. It's free on all platforms and gives you access to Bible versions in over 100 languages including several African languages. It has easy to use tools for sharing and studying the bible. It's the best tool for general Bible reading and for use as a mobile reference Bible for church and Bible Talks. More information: http://www.youversion.com.
  • Consider also The Online Bible, which includes not only the text but also a lot of helpful material. http://www.onlinebible.org