In Matthew 24:36 Jesus said that only God knows the day and time (not even the Son). Is that only because Jesus was human and limited, though once back in glory, he would know all things? Such a limitation makes me wonder. I believe Jesus is God and Son of God and is one with God. I'm curious as to your thoughts. Thanks. -- Angela Marino
Yes — he had certain limitations as a human. He couldn’t be everywhere at the same time, for instance. Jesus relinquished many of his abilities when he left heaven. He did not descend to earth in a divine bubble; he came all the way down to our level, shedding not his divine nature, but divine prerogatives.
Interestingly, the fact that such a statement appears in the bible — words that in the eyes of some might discredit Jesus by impugning his divinity — is a strong testimony to the honesty of the biblical writers. No whitewashing. No dressing up principal characters to look better than they are.
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