Whet about the issue of giving to people who beg on the streets? I am conflicted as to when that is the right thing to do and when it might not be (i.e. the man I see run into the liquuor store after he has collected enough for a drink). Thank you! -- Susan

Jesus encourages us to be generous, to give to the one who asks, even if it's an unrighteous person (Luke 6:30). However, he also tells us to live by the golden rule (Matt 7:12; Luke 6:31). If we genuinely want what is best for someone else, we might not give them money, circumstances depending, as you point out.

I usually give when a true need is apparent: a leper, an elderly person, a disabled person…. In some countries beggars -- often children -- are syndicated. If the children are disabled -- for example intentionally blinded or crippled -- I don't think too much about the syndicate. (I give.) Sometimes I give food or clothing instead of money.

The more able-bodied? — well — I play it by ear. The beggar does not have a claim on our money; it is God to whom we owe our trusting obedience. We want to emulate his heart, gracious and generous.

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