Greetings from New Delhi. I see many disciples wearing a cross made of gold around their neck as jewelry. Isn't this an act of idolatry? In India, we ask Hindus to give up every form of idolatry before becoming disciples of Jesus, and then they see Christians wearing a cross around their neck and ask whether isn't this also idolatry. Some leaders whom I spoke to defended the practice, saying this is just a sign of Christianity. I disagree, as this causes many Hindu background disciples to stumble. Please let me know your thoughts ? Thanks. - P.D.

Well, if Hindu disciples are truly leaving the Lord because of this, of course we should be careful to change our ways.

But if it only raises the question -- causes not stumbling but only grumbling -- then I see no reason to remove them.

Besides, the Hindi jewelry directs us to Shiva or Lakshmi; Christian jewelry to an entirely different place!