"In Exodus 24:10 it says Moses and 70s others 'saw the God of Israel.' Yet in 1 John 4:12 and John 1:18, both verses say 'No one has ever seen God.' What is your explanation of this apparent discrepancy?" -- Chad W.

In Exodus, the elders probably saw God's feet or throne... Just as in another chapter (33:23) Moses saw God's "back" (or afterglow) -- not that God has body parts. John 1:18 says no one has seen God. I imagine we might disintegrate if we saw him in all his holiness. If getting too close to the Sun would incinerate us, imagine what would happen if we were in the presence of the infinitely pure, holy, and righteous God!

One more thing. The N.T. verses you cite teach that we see God in Jesus (also John 14:7-9).